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    Hey Everyone,

    TL;DR: Not for commercial use — Can I get the specification for the platform where the hot-end is fixed and the USB-C circuit diagram?

    I’m still saving to buy my B1 (or Ender 3 v2, haven’t decided yet), and would like to study the possibility to make mods that I could attach where the hot-end assembly is fixed. My idea is project some plug-and-play alternative, for the hot-end assembly, with a laser, a pen, or something like it…
    For this I would need the specification for the part that is used to attach the hot-end assembly to the axis, and the diagram for the circuit that breaks the USB-C connection into other connections (so I can figure out how to wire stuff in there).
    I imagine that this info must be somewhere, since most of big tree tech stuff is available on their website or GitHub. Unfortunately I was not able to find the documentation for these parts yet.

    Would be really nice to get this data, I’m almost more excited to explore the option to do mods like these than to really using a B1 to print something xD

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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