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    Good morning, I’m having a hard time installing the BLTouch V3.1 on my Ender 3 pro, with the SKR mini E3 v2, I followed all the instructiones:

    – Downloaded latest Marlin ( and replaced the configurations release for the ender 3 pro (which is my printer)
    – Connected the BLTouch as it shows on the github of the SKR mini E3 v2.0, with the Black and White placed in the Z end stop.

    I tried the “firmware-bltouch-for-z-homing.bin” which works well but there are few things i would like to change, one of them is the Offset of the probe, also the number of points of probe, Etc… I could do it myself but when i upload the folder of Marlin to VScode it compiles well but when I uncooment “#define BLTOUCH” on configuration.h all goes down, and give me a lot of errors related to fans, this is of them:

    #error “You cannot set CONTROLLER_FAN_PIN equal to FAN_PIN.”

    The last guide and most complete I’ve tried is this .

    I will appreciate your help

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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