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    Hi everyone. I’ve order an SKR 1.4 turbo and follow instructions of Chris Basement and Teaching Tech YouTube channel to compile and upload MARLIN 2.0.x. The board came with the TMC2209 driver, so I’ve enable UART mode, use sensorless homing for X and Y and cut the DIAG pin of the Z, E0 and E1 on each other TMC2209. Didn’t use the E1 on that printer, but installed the driver anyway.

    Everything was perfect was working flawlessly. After a month the board kind of… died. After a quick troubleshoot, I’m unable to say what happened, but i was unable to communicate via serial(USB), and the reprap 12864 LCD full graphic controller was receiving the sufficient voltage, was lit, but nothing was happening. The board didn’t want to boot. But before that, it was totally fine.

    So, I’ve re-order a new one, re-compile Marlin (the same code as the other one), put on the drivers, turn it on to upload Marlin on it, and… snap crackle pop, MAGIC SMOKE from the E0 driver. As soon as it received voltage. The little chip underneath the driver on the E0 burned. I was like “ok maybe the driver was not good, and the other board died because of that driver”.

    So I’ve check the jumpers, and my code, put another TMC2209, and power it up. Hurray, everything looks fine. the Marlin logo shows up. It asked for a restaure default, did it, was like “Ok cook, it was the driver” and after 30 seconds, maybe less, the E0 driver (not the same one, but the same emplacement) snapped, crackled and popped with magic smoke again. I’ve re-check my compilation, it was fine, for me… Now I’m afraid that I may have change the code by mistake.

    What i can do to avoid that kind of issue in the future with any kind of boards? Or to go further: is there a setting that can lead to that kind of issue? Nothing was connected (bed, hot ends, steppers or sensors). Only 24 (23.97) volt from a bench power supply, and a LCD 12864 smart graphic controller. The current draw was 0.64 amps and ramp up just before the burn of the drivers, but i don’t remember the number, I was concentrated to unplugged everything.

    Why on first boot the driver burned immediately, and on the second boot, it took a minute? A capacitor issue? Note that the drivers was working fine on the other boards. But i got 2 different issues, with boards bu twith the same(?) code. So i want to know if it’s me, or the boards I’ve ordered.

    I just hope it was not my code, but just in case, I need your opinion. Thank you for your time. So here’s my MARLIN 2.0.x source that I’ve compiled with VS / plateformIO:

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