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    Installed new SKR mini e3 v2, in my Ender 3. No bootup, screen stays blue. Red power light lit, green sd card lit.
    Checked all connections several times, all correct. Any hints to try? Or do I have a faulty board? TIA for any help

    Al S

    I have the same issue, my new board worked great for 3 weeks and then I got the blank blue screen when I turned it on today. there is a darker blue rectangle in the area a few centimeters from the outer frame.
    The power to the Ender 3 is fine, red light on the board and green light at the SD card slot.
    I connected a USB cable to the mini port and my computer does not detect anything. This powers the board, red light comes on, but no connection.
    I have tried several SD cards, ensured they were FAT32 etc, nothing worked to try to flash the firmware again.
    Any thoughts from anyone appreciated.


    same thing here, bummer. firmware led flashes for a couple seconds then turn’s solid red and blue screen just sits there

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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