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    I’m designing a board with Arduino Nano Every and I’m not able to communicate through UART with driver TMC2209 V1.2.
    I already checked the bottom jumper and it’s ok (default on pin 4).
    I’m using pin 2 and 3 from Arduino that all of them are usable as interrupt.
    The serial baudrate is 115200. I placed a resistor of 1k between TX and RX and I connect the single wire to UART pin (4) on the driver.
    That else should be done?
    Many info on web sites but nothing that solve the issue.
    I tried to read info like DRV_STATUS but it seems always zero. The driver works fine with the motor.
    If you need something, the code, etc, please feel free to ask.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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